Here is the latest update and tentative plan for our Wreaths Across America placement activities at Georgia National Cemetery in Canton on December 14, 2019.

This experience is free and open to the public, rain or shine. Interested participants do not need to contact us in advance to attend. We just encourage new folks to arrive early to park and find their place. There is a place and part for everyone. All are welcome to join us. 

Trucks are currently scheduled to deliver the fresh wreaths to the cemetery between 6 and 7 AM that morning. We’ll need people power to unload the trucks, unbox the wreaths, and stage them at the front of each section. We welcome shifts of early bird participants to arrive no later than 7 AM to help unload trucks. Participants may meet near the Public Information Center if trucks haven’t arrived yet.

At 11 AM we’ll need participants to place each wreath on each grave. Please arrive, park, and find your section to start no later than 10:45 AM.

We will have Section Leaders with more details and each will be assigned assistants to help communicate with participants. The assistants will give instruction about wreath repair, etiquette and courtesy just before placement begins.

We’ve arranged to have grave locating capability at each section with select volunteers. We’ll having a separate meeting for this group at 9:30 AM to prepare for the mission.

At noon we’ll all meet in the Assembly Area for a brief ceremony. It should last no more than 30 minutes. The speaker is Mr. Kevin Miller, the Director of the Georgia Veterans Day Association.

All of the above is the plan. What actually happens may differ. We have several firsts in the mix this go around. Please be patient with us, and we welcome feedback to bolster future events. 

Wreath clean up will take place on January 11. This will require lots of help picking up all the wreaths from the graves. Please save the date as we’ll need everyone to play a part again.

Thank you for your help and all you do to honor our Veterans. God bless!